About that wedding thing...

So, I'm getting married Saturday!

Burnside reader Leo Longoria sent me a nice message today, saying he was praying for Mindy and I. It meant a lot, and I figured I'd ask you, whoever you are, to give us a quick prayer of your own. As I've said before, there's a lot of transition ahead, and your prayers are so appreciated. I'm honestly not feeling much stress at all, but that might be due to denial or avoidance.

Besides me, Sports Editor Jon Adams is also getting married next week (at least I'm pretty sure it's next week), so be praying for him, as well. John Pattison will be handling the bulk of the site the next few weeks, and I probably won't be fully back into Burnside mode until I'm settled in Phoenix. I may get a few blog entries in here and there from the honeymoon in Mexico when I'm not, um, otherwise disposed.

The image above is our monogram, designed by the incomparable Korinne James (her husband, Aaron, designed the Ankeny Briefcase logo).


  1. Denial and avoidance are excellent life skills to hang on to for your married life as well.

    Seriously, however, have a great wedding day, and best of luck to you two up to the big move.

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  3. Hey guys, I think I speak for everyone when I say how much we Burnsiders truly appreciate you.

    God's many continued blessings on your marriage.

    This year, I'm rooting for the Green Party.