Glimpses; pages from my journal - III

Journal entry

July 22nd

Location: Garage workspace; 2:45 a.m.

Well, I hit a cat today. And now I can’t sleep. It was a total accident, but still, I can’t get it out of my head. It happened right in front of some kids. And unfortunately, the little crippled girl who owned the cat. Apparently it was gift given to her by her grandmother. -Her late grandmother. The very same woman who raised the girl after she was abandoned by her parents...

She was partially blind, the girl. But I’m pretty sure she saw the whole thing, because she was standing so close. In fact, she was apparently holding the cat’s leash at the time. -For it was a seeing-eye guide cat. (Extremely rare.) The cat also had a charm collar on it, which was thrown clear and unable to be found. Apparently the inscription read, “We will always be together –Grandma.” It sounded quite breathtaking actually, as it was also diamond encrusted and made from pure platinum. The plan was to sell it one day to pay for the girl’s college tuition. -Tuition at an elite school for the blind. The only one of its kind in the world. The cat itself was partially blind too as I have learned. And amazingly, it suffered from the feline version of the very same rare eye disease that was inflicting the girl. It was undergoing experimental testing that appeared promising in finding a cure for the human strain.
-Still, I hit it anyway. I punched that cat right in the face.

How it happened was like this: I was walking down the street and heard a bunch of kids pointing and making fun of cats. So I jumped right in and bellowed, “Hey, do you know how to make a cat land on its feet? Cut off its legs, then create a pile of those legs, then throw the cat on top of that pile.” Well, just as I was roaring back to laugh I caught a glimpse of the old stink eye. It was on the face of the cat. Before I knew it I had landed a roundhouse, square on its cat jaw.

Unfortunately the stink eye was a misinterpretation on account of the cat’s glass eye. And, as the blow jerked its head to the right suddenly, the eye popped out and bounced into a storm drain. I tried to cough and make sounds like, “Hey! Blah blah blooby blah!!” as it clinked and clanked its way to the bottom of the particularly deep drain, but I still think the girl heard it. (Being blind.) Fortunately in the commotion I thought fast and, considering the outlandish prices of glass cat eyes for what is essentially a marble, took out an actual marble I had in my pocket and jammed it into place. It wasn’t a perfect fit, and truth be told made the cat’s head seem a bit distorted, but like I said, the girl was mostly blind.

Yet I can’t sleep. I keep waking up from nightmares of the one eyed cat, out there somewhere in the night watching me, with its one eye. In the distance even now I can hear a haunting meow from a stray alley cat. Or is it? My hand lifts and moves slowly to rest on the pair of brass knuckles beside me. I sit, waiting…


  1. Aaron, sometimes I'm glad you don't know my home address.

  2. ok, you've jumped the shark with this one...

  3. Can I just send out a big thanks for bringing a little glimmer of violent joy into my final exam week? Blessings, friend.

  4. This made me laugh out loud. Wonderfully, wickedly funny. The pictures are priceless.

  5. i think he punched the shark right in the face. good on ya, donley!