So the gov'ment is handing out money in an attempt to stimulate the economy - or are they trying to stimulate our voting preferences?? don't ask me - and the money starts raining down this week.

I know this for a fact because yesterday when i logged in to my online Wachovia account, there it was. One thousand, eight hundred dollars. Thank you Uncle Sam! (My Social Security number ends in 09, and i filed direct deposit, which is why i already gots me my money). Apparently I got $600 for being alive, $600 for staying married to my wife (truth be told, i'd PAY money for that privilege), and $300 for each of my two lovely kids. Not a bad deal.

So what did I do with it? Book a flight to Bermuda? Get me a new set of Ping Irons? Walk out of Circuit City with a 56" plasma? Nope. I immediately transferred it into savings. Erica and I are fortunate enough to be living without a car payment right now, so I am trying to be proactive and save up for another one in case either of our vehicles gives up the ghost. I hope that's okay with Congress.

What about you, burnside reader? Have plans for your refund check? Thinking about using it to stimulate the economy like a good little boy or girl? Planning on burning it in protest to our government? Looking for a good cause to give it all away to?

Side note: How many pastors over the next few weeks are going to be highlighting the notion of tithing, while casually dropping references to the stimulus checks? If you consistently give to your church, will you be giving of your stimulus check also?


  1. I recently bought a Volkswagen Thing for my dad and I to spend three weeks driving up the Alaskan Highway from Portland to Fairbanks and back.

    I plan on using my Uncle Sam money to help fix it up a little before we go.

    That being said the kicker check barely makes up for how much I wound up oweing this year...

    I haven't thought about tithing because I'm a sucky tither as it is...thanks for bringing it up...now I'll be dealing with that guilt all day :-)

  2. Check out this website:

    It's basically the premise that if you don't need your stimulus check there are millions of people in the world whose lives could be changed. Not a complicated concept.

    Also, for those of us who feel like our government isn't doing as much to benefit the rest of the world as they could be, this is a direct way to take money from Uncle Sam and affect the spread of HIV or the global famine on the horizon.

    Just a thought.

  3. Definitely paying down debts.

    Oh, and for those who like to tithe, tax rebates (and refunds) only need tithing if you tithe on your post-tax (net) income instead of your pre-tax (gross) income. If you tithe on your gross, then you have already tithed on this money (or you will already be tithing on it, as this is a pre-emptive rebate on your '08 taxes). If you tithe on your net income or pay so little in federal taxes that this rebate exceeds your yearly tax liability, then yeah, this is extra money you should consider tithing on (only if you like to tithe, that is).

  4. I'm going to play the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, but you already knew that. And I'm glad I booked my trip before I read leisha's post :-)

  5. I'm saving mine for sending my kids to college. Then I might get a pair of shoes.

    "Sending My Kids to College" is the fastest dog on the track.

    (And Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.)

  6. Yeah, see, the government should think about this before they start handing out money willy-nilly. I have an upcoming international trip for which this money will definitely come in handy for spending . . . on some other country's economy.

  7. I am transferring it into silver bouillon. Its what doctors will take when our economy crashes due to wars, national healthcare and every other way our federal government wastes billions of dollars.

  8. I'm paying off nearly 1/3 of my credit card debt with my check. Granted, I made so little in Gross Adjusted Income last year that I'm not worth the full $600 rebate.

    Yes. You read that correctly. I do not get the full $600. My life is that sad.

  9. Whatever, I'm married to a doctor and she wouldn't know what to do with silver. You may want to invest in Ann Taylor clothing if you want her medical services.

  10. I think www.howwillyouspendyourcheck.com is another good site for dialog on this.