And I like long walks on the beach...

Hey, I'm Larry and new to the Burnside Blog. I'm a pastor in the Buckle of the Rust Belt, Erie, PA.

I thought about a lengthy introduction about my interests and background. Instead, I'll let you in on an article that I'm working on for the BWC. A few weeks ago my congregation hosted a workshop on autism. The room was filled with an eclectic collection of mental health professionals, teachers, parents, and self advocates. I stood in the back of the room and took in how all these different perspectives related to each other.

The most powerful feature of the day, perhaps, was how the self-advocates in the room shared how they experience autism. There was no text-book, no DSM diagnosis, just people explaining the autism experience to those who are dedicating their lives to serve those with different needs.

And I'm jacked that a church got to have a small hand in making this day happen.


  1. Welcome to the blog, Larry.

    That conference sounds great.


  2. I totally grew up in Erie! Part of me wants to apologize for your still being there, but chances are you're proud of it.

    anyway, that was probably a weird thing for a person who never comments on this blog to say - meh, I did.