The Best Beer I Had This Year

Finally getting around to this. My apologies.

If you'll recall my last beer-oriented post, you'll remember I wrote of an Imperial IPA so balanced and wonderful that it hearkened, quite pleasantly, to Pez. And it even had a pretty cool dispenser. We stay on that kick, with a beer even more balanced and wonderful than Rogue's Imperial IPA...

...Okay, hold the phone here. I can't write about this beer unless I have one. I'm heading out. I'll be back soon.

And I'm back. Oh, that's good.

Only available from March to August, The Maharaja fills out Avery's "Dictator Series" along with The Kaiser (an Oktoberfest Lager) and The Czar (a Russian Imperial Stout).

I'm not sure how they did it, but the folks at Avery stumbled onto perfection here. Each sip manages to be malt-sweet and sticky, hop-bitter and crisp and just uniformly fantastic.

And that's all. I'm enjoying this too much to break it down. If you're starting out on IPAs, I'd suggest Rogue's offering first...it's a little lighter on the palate. The Maharaja comes down on your tongue like a scimitar, like a Mumbain monsoon. Those may not sound like good things, but some training will get you prepared. Just like those guys who lay on beds of nails.

Look at the coloring! Any more amber, and you'd be pulling dinosaur DNA out of it!

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed our little jaunt into the land of hops and barley and malts, a realm where "Imperial" still means "The Best", dammit. The land...of beer.

(Note: This post was written yesterday around 5 pm. Not today at 8am.)


  1. ha! I was just going to say the same thing, Jon.

    And, Jordan, I fear that my love of A Shandy must make you cringe, yes?

    I actually drank a Bell's Oberon last night...but that was at the end of a looong line of other beverages. Oh My.

  2. I can't find this stuff anywhere in Portland. Not even at the Belmont Station, which has never failed me.