Donald Miller: Blogger

I'm probably the last guy here to know, but Don's got his own blog now. In his first post, he recaps an email exchange he's had going with Barack Obama! WOW!

Don made fun of me when I told him we were starting this blog. Just wanted to point that out. You're in my world now, Don...the world of blogging.


  1. i started blogging three years ago and was forever explaining what a blog was and what it's purpose is. Nowadays, everybody has a blog, including my 11y old and 14y old. In fact, my 11y old, who is a cynical little sh*t, for his first post blogged about "the dark side of my mother" and then listed ten low points in my parenting...including the time my photo was taken while flipping the bird. At a prayer meeting. (ya had to be there)

    I'll check out his blog. But blogging is a lot like dieting: really easy to start but kinda hard to keep it going.

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  3. Don even namedropped Jordan in his blog to try and build off the popularity of the BWC blog.

    Be careful Jordan, that guy is totally trying to use your friendship for his own gain.

  4. I'm not finding an RSS feed link on Don's blog. I need to fill up my Google Reader. I'm almost at 200 blog posts I haven't read yet!