BWC: Disappointing Scarlett Johnansson fans since 2005.

One of the more interesting things about running a website is poring over the stats page from time to time, examining where our visitors come from.

While most of our traffic is direct (meaning people come to Burnside to read Burnside), we also get visitors searching for all sorts of odds and ends. Here are some of the most frequently errant keyword searches:

"libby lu"
This one isn't particularly surprising or errant, since we did run an article on Libby Lu in October 2007. What tickled me was, for a while we were Club Libby Lu's most vocal critic, popping up second on Google searches. Libby Lu's marketing department must have been disturbed an article titled "The Evil Empire of Libby Lu" was showing up directly under their official website, and worked on some search engine optimization...we've been demoted to the second page.

"kool aid man"
We ran a couple goofy emails some time back, and featured an image of the Kool-Aid Man.

"scarlett johannson"
It took me 7 pages of Google Image search to find one appropriate enough to post on Burnside (and that was with Safe Search on). I'm betting these visitors are disappointed to find only Adam P. Newton's review of Scarlett's album "Anywhere I Lay My Head". I'm also betting Adam is thrilled beyond belief to be somehow linked to Scarlett Johansson.

"35 year old virgin"
I'm not sure if people just get the number wrong, or if they're actually 35 year-old virgins, but this article we ran last year is probably a solace to many, and we're glad for that.


  1. good to hear i'm not the only nerd obsessed with web statistics. the funniest search i've seen so far for chainsawcomics.com is "monster pictures with chainsaws."

  2. Be still my beating heart.

    While I might not be linked up to Scarlett in the "E! News" fashion, it's always nice to learn how people come across my writing.