Fund Raising Update

$1,200 in just three days.

On Monday Jordan posted a Letter from the Editor and a blog post about our fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in the next few weeks, and you all have come through. This confirms for us that now was the time to step out on faith and take the Writers Collective to the next level. The excitement around the Burnside virtual office is palpable. We have to keep our writers and editors strapped to their chairs to keep them from buzzing around the water cooler. We still have a ways to go, but thank you everybody for your support.

A couple people have asked if there is a way of doing monthly donations through PayPal. It turns out it is possible. However, as near as I can tell, PayPal requires we send out annoying monthly payment reminders. If you don't mind getting that e-mail, and you want to give monthly, we'll be more than glad to accommodate. Send an e-mail to johnepattison[at]yahoo[dot]com if that is the payment option you prefer.

Also, we noticed that several of you have put up links on your personal blogs to our fund raising announcement. That has helped alot.

Thanks again for all your help. We'll put up periodic updates and let you know how the fund raising is coming along.


  1. Great idea about linking from blogs/websites. I didn't even think to mention it and link to it. I'll do that later today.