I like to golf...oh, and I have no idea who I'm voting for.

OK, so I'm stealing a theme from Larry for the headline of my first post as a new member of The Burnside Writer's Blog, but it's after 2am, I can't sleep, and I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. What I do know are two things:
  1. This election process has motivated me strongly to go independent.
  2. I am becoming a big fan of Greg Boyd.
That's right, you are reading correctly. I'm leaving my political party. And I'm not going to the other party, or a third party. (Yes, none of the many third parties out there.) Maybe it because I'm now a 30-something rather than a brash 20-something voting in my first, second, or third presidential election, but I am tired of people trying to guess or pin me to a political party based on what I react to or how I opine during conversations. Honestly, there isn't a party out there (that I know of) that has my platform. At least in this world. So, like college, I'm going indie!

One of the unknowing supporters of this is Greg Boyd. Some of you may know him from a book he wrote called The Myth of a Christian Nation; others may know him from video conversation (beware: long load) between him, Chuck Colson, and Shane Claiborne published by publicradio.org about faith and politics. Greg Boyd has given me the confidence to go indie by reminding me that my true allegiance is to the Kingdom of God, not to the kingdom of the United States of America, and whatever party is in control this year or next (or not at all). Yet, at the same time, Greg has the wisdom to stay connected in this country's kingdom in order to be a better citizen of the Kingdom of God.

Balancing that connection is what Greg discusses in his latest blog post after watching Senator Obama's speech. It not only motivates me to be sure I watch that entire speech this weekend online (yeah, I went to bed here on the East Coast), but also to remember even though I'm going indie from the major parties of the US kingdom, I've got to stay true to the grass-roots efforts that Jesus himself led throughout his life, and join hands with everyone else who's willing to lay down their own agenda for the Kingdom.


  1. Tim,

    Great post. I plan to vote for one of the major party candidates (guess which one). And I may even get off the sidelines and work for my candidate since Oregon may be an election battleground and I am scared of what the other guy will do in office. But I am heading in the direction of Boyd and Claiborne. I am currently working on an article for the BWC on whether Christians can pledge allegiance to the flag.

    Anyway, glad to have you here on the blog.


  2. Thanks, John. It's good to be here on the blog.

    I hope that you plan to report on your efforts in Oregon. I think it would be interesting to read what kinds of things you may be doing in supporting your choice.

    I'm actually going to check out one of the minor party candidates more closely. I'm not all that concerned about "wasting my vote" because I'm not all that convinced my vote has really not been wasted in the past. Regardless of my end decision, I'll be putting lots of research in the next 9 weeks.


  3. Tim,
    Thanks for the post and the links. I had no idea Greg Boyd had a blog. Good stuff.
    I have been asked to organize campaign work (in Ohio) for the major party candidate I am assuming John plans to vote for. As a reader of Ellul, Boyd, Claiborne, etc. and a follower of Jesus, I am tossed up on this decision to really participate in "the empire"...or if that is truly what I would, in fact, be doing.

    Man, you guys all strike a chord with me. I have been questioning the pledge since my kid asked me in kindergarten why she was pledging her allegiance to a flag or country in school every day. She told me she was not going to do it because she gave her heart to Jesus - not the USA. And would she get in trouble?

  4. Thank you for your comments, Klu. I'm glad to have been able to connect you to Greg Boyd's blog.

    Your story about your child takes me back to when I was in grade school at a Christian school. We said a pledge of allegiance to the flag, the Christian flag, and then the Bible. I cringe when I see a flag near a pulpit, and I try to avoid churches that have a Christian flag up anywhere.

    I haven't had to deal yet with pledging allegiance to the flag as my daughter is just about to turn 2. I'm mostly preparing for the need to debunk much of the achievement-based Sunday School lessons she'll be told pretty soon... but thinking about the pledge should be on my plate. I'm looking forward to John's thoughts in his BWC article.

  5. I wrote a review for The Myth of Christian Nation that's posted at www.burnsidewriterscollective.com.

    I agree, it's a great resource.

    I'm leaning toward McCain. But I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that he didn't choose Joe Leiberman. I would have loved to see the Republicans field a truly moderate team.

    I'm tired of the election spinning on a liberal vs. conservative axis.