Slate's Guided Tour of Wasilla, Alaska

Despite the narrator's seemingly artificial stutter and voice that tip-toes the line of sneering condescension, this slideshow tour of Sarah Palin's hometown was interesting and had it's comedic moments.

And while we're on the the subject...

Last week, I wrote an entry detailing some thoughts on this Presidential election. Due to the events of this week, I appear to have made some rather...uh...off-base statements. In particular, I referred to John McCain's vice presidential choice as "brilliant". John Pattison, who's a lot smarter than I am, begged to differ, and we debated late into the night, with me effectively ignoring John's warnings with the catch-all "We'll see."

Well, we saw last night. Oh, boy, did we see. Some say Sarah Palin hit a home run. I don't call it that.


  1. This reminds me of that Talking Heads rock musical "True Stories"... A celebration of special-ness.

  2. Sarah WHO??? Never heard of the woman until McClone chose her as his running mate...Is Todd going to be Mr. Mom while Sarah is in D.C. or will she stay in Wasilla and work from home like she does now??? No many questions, so little time...