Time Magazine: Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?

Palin may have stolen the show at the Republican National Convention, but this article from Time Magazine examines how her nomination is playing with other evangelicals. Interesting piece.


  1. i predict that staunch evangelical republicans will downplay her weaknesses and continue to tout McCain's strengths. At first her nomination worried me. She is a fireball. I like her, even if I don't agree with her political processes. But now, a mere week after her surprise nomination, I think the emotions of the nation are calming and like puppy love, a reality check is beginning to emerge. Repubs will of course support their ticket. But indecisive religious voters? That is a segment of people I am watching and interested in what will inspire their confidence.

  2. Inspire confidence? Sure she does. I like her. I like her better than McCain. Do I think one party or one person is going to fix the ills of the world?
    Hell, no. But I know who I'd rather take my chances with, and it isn't the candidate known as the "messiah."

    There's really only one thing I'm sure about in this election and that is that a head of cabbage would make a better prez than Obama, or my grandma's ratty quilt, or perhaps a rock.

    I have as much trust in him as I do a cat left alone with my canary.

    My big surprise this year is not with Palin, but the mean spirited, down-right nasty garbage people have said about her. Maybe if Obama had the same sort of media rectal exam Palin's had we wouldn't have oxymoronic groups like, "Pro-lifers for Obama."

    Dude, the man has voted in favor of infanticide. It's recorded for all the world to see. Jeesh, this is like Jews voting for Hitler.

    Now paying more taxes is 'patriotic.' Yup, I sure want that guy.

    Wake up and vote....for anybody except Obama.