We need you to help us.

We have a lovely issue for you this week over at the main site, but I want to point you toward something in particular, this week's Letter from the Editor.

We are leaping forward toward Burnside 2.0 (unofficial moniker). We need your help.

Our goal is to present our readers with objectivity, because this has been missing from Christian media for too long. We pledge to be thoughtful, honest and entertaining. We pledge to pursue Truth with all our hearts and minds can bear.

Like I said, we need your help. The Letter from the Editor details some incentives we've set up for contributions and provides some details for what we're planning. We're asking you to join us in building Burnside into a more prominent, entertaining and influential magazine.

Thank you, as always, for your support. Here's the button for the PayPal account we've set up.


  1. Does paypal take Debit cards? For those of us that don't own Credit cards??

  2. It does take debit, or you can set it up through your checking account. That's how I have it since I went Credit-Free.