We've Got Movie Signs!

This post at Deadspin yesterday sent me reeling and spinning down memory lane, hopscotching across YouTube clips for what is undoubtedly one of the greatest television shows ever put to screen: Mystery Science Theater 3000.

MST3k, along with Kids in the Hall and SNL reruns, cemented Comedy Central as my favorite television channel long before The Daily Show and Colbert Report. It was expertly written and even more expertly executed, a dizzying arsenal of obscure pop culture references, one-liners and deceptively low production values. It sparked the eternal debate: Joel or Mike? And while most people I respect choose Joel, it's a lot like picking between Snickers or Twix...they're both pretty awesome.

Time is not always kind to the shows of my youth. I still love Seinfeld reruns, but that show has not aged well. As I learned yesterday, this is not the case with MST3k. I laughed as hard as I have in a long while to almost every clip I watched yesterday.

And since the events of our present day can be a bit crippling, we can use an escape. With that, we'll try and bring you an MST3k clip every week for a while, just to remind you times weren't always this stressful. We'll hearken back to "Mitchell", Rowsdower and Torgo, Gypsy, Tom Servo and Croooooooow. I hope you'll enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for this! I love MST3K and it was one of the first things that welcomed us back home to American TV after 12 years abroad. It quickly became a family favorite and for a good part of my 20's was part of my litmus test for prospective suitors (now I'm not as choosy). You can buy the DVD's of many of the titles on Rhino. They are great to pop in every now and then, they have definitely stood the test of time.