Across the Universe - October 31st, 2008

Well hello there! We hope you're enjoying your Halloween. I've never understood the allure of this holiday, positive or negative. I dislike getting dressed up. Stuff Christians Like explores Halloween Hating, which I understand even less than costumes, but Jon covers it pretty well. If you're not a fan of Halloween, you can always celebrate Reformation Day!

In any case, here's your "weekly" rundown of what's happening over the World Wide Web.

- The Halloween Code. This needs to be a nation-wide movement.

- The 20 Best TV Characters of the Past 20 Years (according to Paste). No Al Swearengen? Jimmy McNulty? And how is Ari Gold better than Kramer!?! Still, a fun list...

- Thanks to my old friend Kristy for alerting me to this blog, which has a strong statement on James Dobson's support of Sarah Palin. In other Dobson news, he is not...I repeat NOT...endorsing John McCain.

- Don Miller, tossing pumpkins. I used to stand out on that little railing late at night and watch the fog over Sellwood. Man, I miss home.

- If you're looking for a stunning symbol of how much Christians have come to care about money...wow.

- Out of Ur comments on What Evangelicals Do Well.

- You're welcome, Bryan. Too bad that didn't work out as well as you would've liked.

- Our friend David over at Patrol Mag interviews everyone's favorite contrarian, the legendary Christopher Hitchens. Hitch is likely the only Leftist/Neo-Con/Obama supporter alive.

If you're out trick-or-treating, be safe! From all of us here at the Burnside Blog, have a great weekend.

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