Across the Universe - October 3rd, 2008

After missing the last two weeks, we're back with your weekly blog rundown. Let's get to it.

- The City of Portland held its collective breath.

- Donald Miller breaks some news on Miley Cyrus.

- Luke's Commonplace Book is always a source for quotes and poignant links.

- The poetry of Sarah Palin.

- Prosperity gospel-themed churches are struggling with the US economy's woes.

- ThinkChristian examines Christian art from a variety of perspectives.

- Susan Isaacs likes Peter DeFazio. I miss his mustache.

- As a Cubs fan, Cameron Strang just dropped some notches in my book.

- PatrolMag wonders about Christianity Today's article on the unmistakable Christian music sound.

- Heather Cherry: Rocking Faces Off Since 1979.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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