John McCain's Latest Strategy

Gotta love the new strategy out of the McCain camp: insinuating we'll be attacked if Barack Obama is elected President.


Other horrible things that might happen if Barack Obama is elected:

- Our country may face an economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression!

- Osama Bin Laden will probably not be found!

- Everyone will become gay!

- Illegal immigrants will start pouring across our borders!

- Our foreign relations will deteriorate!

Senator McCain also said, during the second debate, that he knows how to find Osama Bin Laden, which begs the question, "Why haven't you told anyone else?" These crazy guarantees remind me of someone else, but I'm they'll be two completely different leaders.

And, you know, Barack Obama probably made a bunch of unrealistic promises today, too, just to stay fair and balanced.


  1. saw this on another blog. Look at the post titled, "Heating Up Virginia"

    Can't way to see what way people will take this and if their reactions will fall along predictable party lines.


  2. Actually, it was in Tuesday's news. But Biden made the original remark about his younger running mate Obama being "tested" when he gets into office. McCain pointed out the implication of one's running mate making such an observation: eg, even Biden realizes Obama's youth could set him up for higher levels of difficulty. I didn't hear Biden or McCain assert a likely method by which Obama would be tested though, but hey, if you want to spin the news to the moon... if the Burnside gang understands terrorist tactics for testing new Presidents, maybe the blog ought to be forwarded to the Pentagon?

    Last time I checked, knowing how to accomplish something doesn't forego the painstaking process for aquiring approvals, funds, and support, that all presidents, members of congress and judges submit to for actually DOing that something. It's what keeps our various arms of government in check. You know, prevent one person from becoming too powerful? Expressing an understanding of how to do something or having a theory to test is not offering a guarantee that "it shall be done."

    Anyone who supports Obama totally gets that. He's pure theory--like alot of other Ivy League academic/prof-ishs I know. I admire them for the theory-tanks they are, but do they talk about things, research things, try things, or do they DO things? The DO-er profs in the Ivy I attended, who came in from the field via honorary degrees to teach from their "been there, done-thats," are a little less... winsome, a little less classy, a little more ... arrogant. You can almost imagine that you smell smoke on their clothes from all the fires they've been through. And if they're authentic, you're a little more willing to believe that they can lead you through it, too. Not perfectly--look at the scars, the wrinkles, the quirks--but they've survived things you can't even imagine.

    Frankly, I think we need both types--and I'd be all for Obama and McCain duking it out for P and VP slots. It's most unfortunate that one eliminates the other in our system.

  3. Can I be frank? I'm sick up to here with the McCain campaign. A genuine war hero, John McCain has lost any shred of moral authority with me. Ayers. ACORN. Attacking his opponent's wife. Insinuating in a new RNC mailer that Obama is a terrorist. This is the erratic flailing about of a candidate who is behind in the polls, out of ideas, and willing to do anything to win. I don't trust a candidate willing to sell his soul for ultimate power.

  4. @kim

    You'll have to read the article to find John McCain's assertion. I provided a link in the blog entry.

    Maybe Joe Biden started the conversation, but John McCain's implication is pretty clear.

  5. Fair and balanced! Jordan, this blog is right in line with the rest of the media, with negative stories on McCain outnumbering negative stories on Obama 3 to 1. Can't wait til this election is over! And John, why are the Ayers and ACORN issues not worth investigating? While the media is up in Alaska poring over every expense account of Sarah Palin, they could be looking into voter fraud, all the fake donors that have given to the Obama campaign, the $2 million of campaign money that Biden rerouted to his family, etc................

  6. Allison,

    The way John McCain has run his campaign has pretty much ensured that he would get three times the negative coverage of Obama.

    The Ayers thing has been investigated. Exhaustively. It is a non-story story, if you know what I mean. And if the public debate is going to devolve into guilt-by-association, McCain should have to explain his relationship with convicted domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy and the U.S. Council for World Freedom.

    McCain and many other conservatives are calling ACORN the most dangerous organization in America. Did you know that McCain gave the keynote address to ACORN in 2006 and said "what makes America great is in this room"? Did you know that federal law dictates that ALL collected registrations - even the ones filled out by "Mickey Mouse" and "Donald Duck" - have to be turned in, even if they are obviously fake? ACORN's strategy of registering new voters from using people who are paid by the registration is problematic, but hardly insidious. ACORN's mission of bringing thousands of new voters into the democratic process - mostly from poor and minority communities - is laudable.

    McCain's primary campaign strategy is one of fear and division. If he wins, he will have effectively at least half the country - everyone who lives in those parts of America not deemed "real" enough by McCain and Palin.

    I can't wait until this election is over.

  7. Ali,

    I hear what you're saying...really, i do...but fair and balanced doesn't mean making stuff up to even it out.

    And since Obama has been leading in the polls, he hasn't had to resort to questionable campaign tactics and attacks.

    It's sort of like saying, "why don't they cover the Rebel Alliance and the Empire more fairly in 'Star Wars'?"

  8. Okay, I'm going to ignore the nerdy Star Wars reference. James might enjoy that though. "Making stuff up!!!" I'm about to flood your gmail inbox with legitimate, intelligent, truly frightening articles that you will find nowhere in Slate, the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, NBC, CNN, etc., or wherever else you get your news!

  9. I'm still voting third party. The two party system too much lends itself to people voting against candidates instead of for them, which leads politicians to peddle fear. Democracy works best when people vote for the candidates they want, not those they don't want. I actually find i agree more on more issues with most of the third parties than either the Dems or Repubs. So, i vote for those i agree with most, not against those i fear, be they McCain or Obama.

  10. I'm talking about the mainstream media (not the conservative media you're going to send me links to) making mountains out of molehills because they want to pretend they're objective. Objectivity means addressing issues that matter, not giving each side equal treatment if it's not warranted.

    The mainstream media has pounded ACORN and William Ayers into the ground as much as anyone else.

  11. This post is a turn off. It's not what I come here for. I don't even care if it was a pro-McCain post instead.

  12. I have to agree with Aaron. This is a bit of a turn-off. Even though I'm leaning to voting for Obama now, I think it is a huge leap from what is actually said in the CNN.com article and insinuating we'll be attacked.... I don't think it is a question that those who want to attack us will try with a new president - either candidate. I'm confident they'll be thwarted, but it's illogical to think that they won't try.

    Maybe I watch too much TV, but I see just as much negative campaigning from Obama's campaign as I do from McCain's. But the non-campaign ads are the ones really pissing me off - both sides. They are the ones that actually insinuate things against both candidates.

    You know what? Maybe I will go back to a third-party candidate after all... That would be real change.

    (Or maybe I'll hope Jack Bauer can just kick some major ass in DC this season on 24.)

  13. Folks, thank you for your criticism. I think you're right in that this post was, at the very least, unwise. I appreciate you taking the time to say so.


  14. I don't think the post was unwise, Jordan. Hellfire, it's a blog. That's what they are for. Unfiltered opinions and ranting. Preach on brother.

    There's negative campaigning on both sides, but the insidious vaguely racist, entirely divisive stuff that is being spewed by McCain and many Republicans as a result makes me ill. Just look up the stuff about Michelle Bachmann and her McCarthyist ideas about investigating members of Congress if you want something that's really blood curdling.

    I, too, can't wait for November 4th to get here. I almost wish I was going be in the U.S. for this election but I'll be commenting on it from afar. You'll see....

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