Monk's Dream

There's a bit of a discussion at the main site about the state of modern worship. I'll let others debate that and take a second to say how much I enjoy my church's worship culture.

This weekend I say in with the band during the weekend services on piano and keys. The worship leader asked if I'd play a solo. I half-kidding suggested a Theolonious Monk piece entitled "Monk's Dream." The worship leader didn't bat an eye and said yes. So I worked up that post-bop piece and played it during the offering.

I was a bit nervous about playing a secular piece in church (although some jazz provokes sincere worship in me). I asked Brian, the worship boss, if the song needed some set up. Maybe a "all true and beauty is God's truth and beauty" thing. Brian laughed and just told me to play. Brian knew that playing the piece for God in public was all the set up that was needed.

Here's a youtube of the song. I didn't do Chick's arrangement, mostly because I wasn't blessed with twenty fingers. But you'll get the idea...


  1. Larry, so is this you playing the keys? If so, awesome, man! This is fantastic.

    About 10 years ago, Chick Corea and Gary Burton performed at the grand opening weekend of the arts center at the university I went to, and they performed 2 hours of piano/vibraphone duets in similar style as this video. Best concert I've EVER been to.

  2. that was great, thanks for sharing!

  3. No, that video was Chick himself. I couldn't find video of Monk playing this song.

    I've seen Chick Corea twice in concert. Once with Bela Fleck and once with Return to Forever.

    Corea's music just unlocks me.