Presidential Debates: Round Three (Open Thread)

Get a preview of tonight's debate by watching this:

Then post your comments here as you watch the real thing.

Video h/t to Ezra Klein.


  1. This has been a fiery debate. A tie in my opinion. McCain has gotten his shots in. Obama has riposted with aplomb. As with the last debate, however, this is not the game changer that McCain would have liked it to have been. Especially if he makes ridiculous comments about Palin being a hero for women.

  2. I think Joe Plumber is going to be on the news talk shows tomorrow. Who is this Joe Plumber? And does he have ties to the Weather Underground (AKA, The Weathermen); or maybe he had something to do with the Keating Five? Or maybe he's a plumber that was over used by both candidates.

  3. haha, i saw someone else post that video earlier. i thought it was interesting that it even had the "i can't control what my supporters do" aspect.
    as for the actual debate, i got pretty sick of mccain lying over and over. like obama would say what his actual tax plan is, then mccain would immediately misrepresent it again. i thought "is mccain deaf, or just crazy?"
    and bryan: as i was typing this, the woman on the news said that joe plumber will be on the today show tomorrow morning.

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  5. I lost a lot of respect for John McCain last night.

    I think after watching it, I got really concerned about division in America. To be fair though... Obama never really broached on unity or reconciliation with his counterpart. Both just kept pointing the finger at their other... which is exactly what the extremist voter wants, but doesn't need.

    I felt like last night, it just gave either side more and more reason to be ashamed with the other and to scald them. Essentially, more and more division.

  6. I think getting the other presidential candidates and their more diverse ideas up on stage would leave less time for character attacks and more time for the issues. I'll be voting third party, thanks. I'm sick of the big two bickering over these things that are so low in my priorities.

  7. I'm glad Joe Six-pack finally got off the couch and found a job.

    As for the debate itself, I'm still trying to figure out how a mother of a four-month old with Downs syndrome can know more than anyone else McCain knows about what it means to raise a cild with autism, Downs syndrome or any other kind of "special need."

  8. I think McCain kept Obama on the defensive all night, which didn't give Obama a lot of room to really address the issues that he wanted. Instead he had to counter these scurrilous claims and idiot accusations. It was hardly a substantive debate, but Obama did everything he could to try to make it into one.

  9. I'm not a fan of this "debate" structure, mostly because they quickly devolve into ugly, partisan, mud-throwing spectacles and/or one person lobs the mud, as the other moves quickly to dodge it (and loses his/her train of thought).

    Nathan -- I concur. America might have a defacto "two-party" system, but in no way do John McCain or Barack Obama represent the true choices before the American electorate. Folks like Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader need (MUST!) be present in order to truly reflect America's options.