Putting the Rancor Aside

I have some concerns about the dialogue in this Presidential campaign. The closer this election comes, the more it seems clear Barack Obama will win, the angrier the hardcore Republicans are getting. And when I say 'hardcore Republicans', I mean the morons claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim, terrorist-loving Socialist...not the millions of conservatives who legitimately align more with John McCain than his Democratic opponent. Since when have Muslim countries sponsoring terrorism been prone to Socialism, anyway? I thought theocracy was more their thing.

(Addendum: Of course, it's not like the anger is one-way. These idiots decided to hold up Sarah Palin's motorcade in Grand Junction, Colorado.)

And because I'm worried about that rancor, I thought I'd post these videos of the two candidates at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner.

Before his campaign began, people forget John McCain was a regular guest on The Daily Show. He has a quick comedy mind, and he and Jon Stewart had great rapport. This video reminded me of that...it reminded me both of these men are likable, can deliver a joke, and have decent writing teams.

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  1. This is the funniest thing I have seen this week! This was the best debate format of them all!

    Who knew they were both funny enough to deliver these jokes so well? I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen Colbert's and Jon Stewart's staff wrote the speeches for them.