George Fox Spins in His Grave

One of my best friends attended college at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, which she referred to affectionately as "Newbs".

She was also witness to some shenanigans on campus, like when her older brother organized a streak through campus. The problem was, word of their route leaked out and spread across campus like a virus. The band of rebels, wearing only ski-masks, began their run, and quickly discovered the path lined with their fellow students relaxing in lawn chairs and cheering along the flapping penises. They ran anyway.

It probably wasn't the wisest decision in campus history, but after last week, it certainly wasn't the worst.
Four students at George Fox University in Newberg confessed to hanging an effigy of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama from a tree on campus and were suspended for up to a year, the university president announced Tuesday.
Holy crap.

Look, I know brains don't fully develop until you're 24 or something...but that's beyond awful. Could they have been that racist and stupid?

It's a shame the school's name will be tarnished by such a disgusting display, especially since George Fox himself was one of the great Christian Anarchists.

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