Those Meddling Kids

From a Republican campaign office in Broward County, Florida. To his credit, when the county chairman of the Republican Party heard about the sign he called it "ignorant" and said he was "disgusted." He drove to the office himself to take it down. Plus, can I make two requests? If you're going to make hateful signs about a guy, can you at least spell his name right? And, while you're at it, can you please not use the same font as my beloved New York Review of Books?

In other election news, Colin Powell - a foreign policy heavyweight by anyone's measure, and, it should be noted, a Republican - endorsed Barack Obama today on Meet the Press. Powell says in this clip what I wish Obama himself had said months ago. Basically: "Obama is a Christian. But what if he was a Muslim? Would that disqualify him from being president?"


  1. That clip is seven of the most beautiful minutes ever to be seen on Meet The Press and any of the Sunday talk shows. It made me so proud to have people like that out there to counteract the bile that is being spewed out by folks like Michelle Bachmann, Cindy McCain, George Will, and countless others.

  2. Bob,

    I felt the same way. I watched it three times with three different people.


  3. Now that's a veteran that's really thought about this election! I've been trying to tell people that although veterans support their own, many of us just don't see the McCain ticket as the right team for our future. And as one who was once a Republican, I couldn't agree more with Powell.

  4. After watching this video, I'm forced to conclude Colin Powell is a communist-loving Muslim.