Who in Congress Really Supports our Troops?

Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran's of America (IAVA), the nation's first and largest organization for our newest generation of veterans (and an organization of which this writer is a proud member), has released this year's Veteran Report Card on every member of Congress.

Here's how it works:
The IAVA selected 9 votes in the Senate and 13 in the House that had a direct impact upon the IAVA Legislative Agenda. Every vote cast with the IAVA was worth 1 point. Votes cast against the IAVA's position or not voting at all was worth nothing. Also, because the joint effort of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the IAVA to pass the New GI Bill was so historic, 2 bonus points were offered to any Senator or Representative who co-sponsored the bill.

What marks did your Congressmen and women earn? Also worth a look is Senators Obama and McCain. By selecting the "Votes" tab after you've found your Senator or Representative will show you how they cast thier votes.

Who really supports our troops and who just uses them for political gain?


  1. Thanks, Bryan. I viewed the full Report Card and found it informative. I'm sorry I haven't been more engaged with this important issue.

  2. I would have expected the opposite voting records between Obama and McCain. I love it (read: saracasm) when elected officials skip votes in order to campaign.

    But I was pleased to see that my Congressman and two Senators received an A, A+, and A. And the A+ is someone who wants to bring the troops home ASAP. But at least he has voted to support them just as much as he has tried to bring them home.