Burnside Election Coverage Table of Contents

(Okay, we've got a lot of posts running today, and I don't want any slipping down the page. We'll keep this post at the top to give you a running index of all our election-themed posts. - Jordan Green)
- Looking for Hope in All the Wrong Places (Penny Carothers)

- Burnside Endorses: Neither Candidate (Jordan Green)

- American flag art from a Haitian Refugee (Stephanie Nikolopoulos)

- Fliers on cars at church (Larry Shallenberger)

- I voted at the same precinct as John McCain! Plus, the slimiest proposition in Arizona (Jordan Green)

- A friendly reminder from Chad Gibbs (Chad Gibbs)

- An interview with Douglas Johnson of National Right to Life (Bryan Allain)

- Where the candidates stand on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict (guest contributor Stephanie Hicks)

- Electronic voting machine DRE 700 looks poised for an incredible presidential election upset (The Onion)

- This wasn't on our site, but Derek Webb has written an excellent article for our good friends Patrol Mag. I think he's right on. You can also pick up a free copy of Derek's special election edition of Mockingbird. You NEED to have that album. (Derek Webb)

- Don Miller wonderfully lays out his political journey over on his blog (Donald Miller)

- Check out historical voting results by state, even down to county level, at this new Google Maps feature (Google)

- CNN's video of John McCain voting (Jordan)

- This was one of the reasons, growing up in Portland, why I liked being a staunch conservative...kids like this. It's also a reminder, like the hanged Sarah Palin effigy, that the Culture War cuts both ways. (Slate.com)

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