A fund-raising plea for a failing roof

Fellow Burnsiders:

My name is Matt McKechnie and I'm a Canadian music
writer and editor for the BWC. I've been working as an
administrator for this church/community centre called
Ecclesiax Glebe House here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
It is a great facility which houses not only a small,
art-driven Christ-centered church community which
meets on Sundays, but also many other community groups
who rent out different spaces in the building. There is a
baby day care, an afterschool program that promotes
literacy, a community-oriented recording studio and
many others that use the space. The renters are great in the
sense that it creates relationships with normal people
right in the community and keeps steady (though
sparse) income coming in.

Anyways, as great as this place is, the roof of the
building is slowly going to cave in come winter. Though
a lot of community groups use the space, there is not an abundance
of money flowing through this place as most of its users
are artists or volunteers. That's why I've decided to have
a fund-raising drive for the roof repairs through Graven music
(my band). We are hoping to put on a live show for the
new Graven EP in December (in Canada...sorry) to raise
funds for the roof but in the meantime, if someone
downloads any Graven
music on MySpace or iTunes,
50% of the proceeds will go
the church roof (I can even
send a charitable e-receipt
on request).

I want to be honest about this donation process. That's why with
each donation, I will keep readers posted through
a facebook group that will be frequently updated. (Keep in
mind, though, that iTunes reports are only issued once a
month so data-gathering from there will take some time.
If you buy through MySpace, data will be available
within 24 hours.)

Thanks for any and all help. Not only will you be aiding
the cause of independent music but you will also be helping to
sustain a great building and community. Ecclesiax is a good and
forward-thinking place. It would be a shame to let it die
out. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

You can donate by clicking on the links below:

Graven on iTunes:
Pilot Light Out (2005)
Charles Called It Anthemic (2007)

Graven on MySpace (PayPal)

(Feel free to check out more about GravenRecords and
the community style of music we promote at

1 comment:

  1. What would be great is if you had more info. available about the need.

    Like, how much is this roof going to cost and how many people are affected by this situation? Who have you already approached about replacing it? Do you have partners lined up to "match" any donations you receive? Are there contractors, suppliers, vendors willing to donate their time/materials in exchange for a tax write off?

    All that stuff will go along way toward helping you meet your goal of getting help.

    What will happen if the money DOESN'T come in? Will the roof REALLY cave in and if so, what then?

    I'm not doubting your need, by the way, it's just that I do this sort of stuff for a living and I can tell you that the questions I am asking are ones you need to have answers to, especially when talking to people who have the capacity to give large donations.

    I LOVE how you are mindful of the need for honesty and transparency. That's pretty great.