Hollywood Victims and Hologrammed Vixens

The hours are crawling away, and it's strangely quiet up the street at the Biltmore. Well, except for the helicopters buzzing overhead.

Fox News is obnoxious and I'm no fan of MSNBC, so I've been stuck on CNN. Big mistake.

CNN's biggest enemy seems to be technology. They've been padding their coverage with ridiculous charts, maps that don't work and holographic images of the Capitol Building and reporters. It's just so absurd...the holograms don't even look good...and CNN just keeps patting themselves on the back. Money, not bias, is the true problem with media. Prepare to have your mind not blown.

One man in South Carolina said voting was "the best hour and a half" of his life, which is one of the most depressing things I've ever heard.

Also, Tim Robbins' name wasn't on the list at his local precinct in Manhattan, so he threw a big hissy fit because he has the cash to pay for lawyers. Robbins wants a "real explanation" for himself and the "hundreds and thousands of people in my district and throughout the city who are experiencing the same thing today." I'd like to end with an open letter to Tim Robbins, if I may:
Dear Tim Robbins,

There was never any question of New York going red. If there was some great conspiracy to keep Democrats from voting, don't you think it would happen in a battleground state and not Manhattan? And don't you think they'd take special efforts to keep your name on the list, since you're such a royal pain in the ass?

This is one of the reasons the whole center of the country votes for Republicans...they can't stand it when people like you whine. There are plenty of issues with voting out there that matter (at least in a political sense), but yours is not one of them. You may think you're helping a cause you believe in, but you're not. Maybe someone like Matt Damon, who seems like a reasonable guy, can help Democrats win. You blew past that point a loooong time ago.

Jordan Green

P.S. I really enjoyed "Shawshank Redemption", and your role in "High Fidelity" was awesome.

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