Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

I'm wearing a specially-designed, long-sleeved green t-shirt today as part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness
Week here at Lehigh University. It's honestly not something that I think about enough, and in the midst of a very major decision that my family is making this week, it is giving me pause to realize just how much we have.

Here are some facts on the back of our t-shirts:

pounds of edible food are thrown away in the US per year
US residents experience homelessness in a given year

Americans are homeless in any given night

Dollars per year is the poverty line for a family of four

People worldwide die each day from hunger-related causes

Children a year are housed in a shelter in the Lehigh Valley

Hours a week must be worked at minimum wage to afford rent

Dollars a day are given to people relying on food stamps

Person needed to start a hunger revolution


  1. The real tragedy is how man die without Christ each day. I fervently want to help those who live but I want to make sure they will live eternally. I want the pure and undefiled gospel which helps the poor, breaks the chains, gives generously, and preaches Christ

  2. That is very true, and not one that we should take lightly. But it is important to remember that even Christ feed the hungry without any expectation or requirement that they follow Him. He called them by loving them where their needs were, and we should do the same.

  3. Tim,

    So funny that you posted this today. I'm a coach for Bucknell football and we are headed your way in a few hours. Are you coming to the game tomorrow?

  4. Aaron,

    I can't really say good luck in the game, but I hope that it is a good game. I can't say that we are having a very good season. So many last second/minute heartbreaks.

    I'm not going to be at the game tomorrow... we are having a bit of a family emergency happening right now.

    Safe travels...