I swear I didn't know it was a pro-life group...

I left our Saturday evening church service early and noticed a woman stuff voter guides underneath windshield. I sighed, approached her and politely asked her to stop. She hadn't gotten approval to post literature at our campus. If she wanted to seek proper approval she could resume her work on Sunday AM.

The woman told me it was ok that she was with a pro-life group. I assured her that I and every pastor of our church was pro-life, we teach a pro-life doctrine.

Still, our policy was firm. She still needed to get her literature pre-approved.

She assured me that she had the legal right to place the vote guides on cars no matter what we wanted. Then she asked me why the policy.

I explained that we wanted Grace to be a safe place for people on the Right and the Left, that we had many people here just starting their spiritual journey, and that we weren't going to confront them with political conversion.

My wife has an axiom: Many words escalate an argument. She is, as always, right. The woman became angry and began reciting the old tired arguments. "Christians can't vote Democrat", "You have a moral obligation as a church to..."

At this point of the conversation, I remembered my wife's wisdom. I reiterated our policy, turned and entered my car and drove home.


  1. Sigh... Had the same thing happen at our church. My wife and I lead a ministry at our church and we teach our leadership politics has nothing to do with the ministry. We don't know where folks are when they come in the door and we don't want to put any barriers in the way of their coming into a healing and life-changing relationship with God. Besides, the Holy Spirit will bring them where they need to be if it is important to God's plan, not us.

  2. Every time I see people doing the "windshield" pamphlet thing, I'm reminded of a series of research studies I read during my undergrad days in political science.

    The findings indicate that this method of information propagation generally promotes a negative view of the information and the organization promoting the info. (Most people don't like finding these things on cars and most parking lot owners don't like the litter in their parking lots.)

    So unless this lady was really a pro-choice supporter, using unethical means, she probably did more damage than good with her signs, maybe more so with her actions. Here we are, reading about it on the Internet.