I'm Glad That's Over!

I'm actually writing this from the past, anticipating like Christmas the day when all this election talk will end, we can look forward to George Bush being out of office, and move on with our lives. Due to the magic of technology, you're reading this after the elections. Right now, I'm still mired in the bygone days wall-to-wall Obama/McCain coverage.

And you know what I'm definitely not going to miss? The media's incessant coverage of Saturday Night Live.

Considering SNL's mediocrity and irrelevancy before the 2008 Presidential race, I have to believe NBC has just been paying the media to promote the show. We wrote two pieces on SNL...where's our payout?

Not aware of the hype? CNN has run slobbering front page stories on everything from John McCain's SNL appearance to Chevy Chase's thoughts on the 1976 election to commentaries exploring how Tina Fey's Sarah Palin imitation changed people's opinions. Yes, CNN...comedy can be relevant to every day affairs! Maybe you should've checked in on The Daily Show about 9 years ago. And another thing...PEOPLE HAVEN'T CARED ABOUT CHEVY CHASE SINCE 1993.

(Admittedly, Fey's version of Sarah Palin is awesome. Somehow, Tina Fey managed to come up with a caricature that was both more likable than her subject and vicious parody.)

In conclusion: Hey, media. If you love Saturday Night Live so much, why don't you marry it?

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