Am I a better American than John McCain? I'll let you decide...

Good morning! It's Election Day!

I didn't exactly follow my suggestion yesterday. Mindy and I were at the polls at 5:45 am Mountain Time, lined up early for what they're predicting will be an 80-85% voter turnout in Arizona.

Our voting precinct is two blocks away, a Methodist church, and I could've walked over later in the day, but Mindy had to start a 30-hour shift this morning, so we decided to head over early.

I'm glad we did. Apparently, John McCain will be voting at that very same precinct some time today. It was already a madhouse, and the news vans were scratching for parking spots. In fact, the picture above was an AP photo taken of a woman two people ahead of us. (Mindy reminded me that the woman didn't even vote...she was at the wrong precinct! Plus, the sun would've been up by the time she'd received her sticker, so she must've been handed one for a photo op.)

And, if I may say so, it's quite an honor to vote in the same place as one of the Presidential candidates. What's more, McCain's election party is being held at the Biltmore Hotel, which is about a half-mile away from our house.

(Apologies to the friends and family I text messaged with this information early this morning. I forgot about the Daylight Savings, which does not happen in Arizona.)

In other news, stock prices started strong today, which made me chuckle. They don't really say this on the news, but I'm fairly sure the idea of having a different President gives folks a rush of confidence. It's like every investor out there woke up today and thought, "Wait a minute...George Bush isn't going to be in office much longer! BUY!!! BUY!!!"

As for the actual voting, I will tell you I voted "No" on Proposition 200. It's a really slimy deal. Take a look at this ad:

Yeah, your "Yes" vote will reform those evil payday loan companies! Right?

Actually, that ad was paid for by the payday loan companies themselves. Passing this initiative would permanently exempt the pay day loan industry from the 36% interest ceiling now imposed on consumer loans. Other ads featured obvious actors who'd been saved by the kind-souled loan sharks: "When my car broke down, I needed money fast..." Just the sleaziest of the sleazy, that Prop 200. At least the video treats us to a bit of Cat Power at the very end.

I definitely voted "Yes" on Prop Joe.

Since Secret Service agents and the Phoenix PD basically have me hemmed in today, you can expect a slew of posts this Tuesday, November 4th. Maybe other Burnsiders will weigh in. I still believe we Christians have put too much stock in elections, but I can't help but be excited about the whole thing...it's sort of like watching sports.


  1. Payday Loans are used by millions because they require little paperwork and little time. Most importantly, people are exercising their inalienable right to choose how to manage their own money. This is a right that should never be taken away.

  2. No one's taking away the right to payday loans, Chris, but thanks for advertising a payday loan website.

  3. I believe in free markets, by and large, but in Arizona (at least), the payday loan industry is given an exemption to an existing usury law. So, if I were to loan $100 to Jordan at the same rate as a payday loan establishment, I could be arrested for violating the law. Also, Congress passed a law prohibiting loans of the payday loan sort to military personnel because of the obscene APR's damage to troop morale.

    So why again should Arizonans have a right to be exploited again?