Red vs. Religion

Maybe you've seen the e-mail; you know, the one that starts, "Dear Red States,". Its witty author proposes that the Blue States succeed from the Union, leaving the Red States with a bunch of crap.

Sure, it's funny, but what does Jonah and the famous big fish have to do with how our society decides to manage our resources. And are evangelicals not doing their fair share in our two wars? And why target the Southern Baptists?

The truth is that these jabs are funny because religion has been married to politics, specifically the more conservative voters in the red states.

Sadly, all across the nation, people are connecting Christianity to politics. The Christian message is tainted by petty political issues (in the bigger picture of things). Christianity is so much larger than that, but because of the way many Christian's are representing the faith, it's tough for outsiders (and many insiders) to separate the two. What a shame.


  1. I like the map... i would just add Nevada as a blue state...

  2. I'll give you purple, but not blue.

  3. Is it pathetic or is it a sign of hope that I've survived almost 40 years without the knowledge of just who is a "red" and who is a "blue"?