Many of you may already be familiar with Leigh Rubin's comic "Rubes." Leigh has been in national syndication since the late 80's, consistently producing some of the funniest and most creative work around. He also travels across the country giving lectures about the comic's creative process.

Anyway, starting this past Sunday Rubes has started a weekly trial run in my town's newspaper, the Eugene Register Guard, to see what the response is for a possible daily run.

On a personal note, Leigh is a great guy and has been an encouragement to me and my small Bits of Life comic. So I just thought I'd send out a call to all those Burnsiders in the neighborhood to drop a quick email to the paper's editor if you'd like to see more of his stuff. If you'd like to see his comic in your town's paper that's cool too. You won't regret it.

peace, aaron

Here’s Sunday’s comic:

a few others

you can contact the paper here.

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  1. i miss bits of life... that was a fun comic, and was posted more often than a softer world.