War Damn Eagle!

I'm sure Jordan will have his Ducks v. Beavers post, and I suppose I could set my Iron Bowl post to publish on Friday, but what if the world ends tomorrow, and no one ever sees it!??

So here's a friendly reminder that it's been 2,565 days since Alabama last beat Auburn, and here's hoping we see a little more of this on Saturday night!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and War Eagle!


  1. Sorry, but I have to inject this. I'm a Baylor student, and I have a burning passion against Texas A&M. That said:

    Sic 'em, Longhorns!
    And, while we're at it, sic 'em Bears, too. Although that one's not very likely...

  2. Baylor University has a football team? Who knew?!?

    And yes, I do hope that Auburn wins on Saturday, mostly because a) Nick Saban is a raging jerk & b) Alabama losing & Florida trashing Florida State means that the Gators might just leap to #1 in the BCS (because Texas shouldn't really gain any points by defeating hapless Texas A&M).

    War Eagle indeed....