50,000 Shoes in 50 Days

(Editor's Note [from Jordan, not Penny]: We had two independent entries this week regarding Soles4Souls.com, which indicates to me how awesome this ministry is. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a way to merge the two entries, so the first part of this is written by guest blogger Jeff Goins, who edits the excellent Wrecked for the Ordinary. The second part is a video Bryan Allain put together to raise awareness, and which also features some ridiculously adorable Allain youngsters.)

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and the day after was, for me, the dreaded Black Friday, where there are insane deals to match the insane soccer moms that will be out on the prowl in their minivans. I think I will be content to lock myself up in my apartment with my wife and watch Charlie Brown specials.

Nonetheless, I'll eventually have to finish my Christmas shopping - one way or the other. These days, I'm learning to re-imagine these sorts of things and do them in redemptive ways that still advance the kingdom of God.

Here's one great way I've found to do this - buy a pair of shoes for someone living in a third-world country. I stumbled upon this as I ran into Anne Jackson earlier in November, and she told me how she was teaming up with another Nashvillian, Wayne Elsey, a big-time footwear
executive and CEO of nonprofit charity Soles4Souls.

Soles (with Anne's networking skills) is challenging the blogosphere to sign up for the "50,000 Pairs in 50 Days" Campaign. For $5, you can drastically change two people's lives by bringing "good news to the poor" through the gift of shoes. The campaign is almost half-over and
still has a long way to go. You an be a part of it.

Here's how it works:

Go to 50000shoes.com.

A $5 donation buys two pairs of shoes. Everyone that's reading this has $5, and everyone has 2 minutes. From start to finish, donating is literally three clicks. No fluff. No hassle. Anyone can donate.

Spread the word.

Use the widget code on the landing page to post a link on your blog. Email everyone you know. Join the facebook group. Ask your friends to do the same!

Win a trip.

Besides the fact that the blogging world can literally impact 50,000 people before the end of the year, one person (and their guest) will be chosen at random to hand-deliver the shoes they purchased on a Soles4Souls trip to Mexico. Imagine handing someone their first pair of shoes…ever.

Do the Math.

If 500 people influence 10 people to donate, and those people influence 5 more, that's 50,000 pairs of shoes ($5 buys 2 pairs).

Get Started.

Sign-up, donate your $5, and start spreading the word.

-Jeff Goins


Soles in the Snow from Bryan Allain on Vimeo.

(Editor's Note: You totally punked out there, Bryan. Running barefoot in the snow builds character. I should know...my parents would've laughed and locked me out, and I've got character for days.)


  1. Thanks, guys! I'm going to go ahead and donate another $5 to this today. Who else is in?

  2. I throw socks at homeless people, so it seems to be a great sister ministry to this one. (My church buys the socks and they are new.) But I do throw them at people because it's like hey, what's in it for me, ya know?

    Also Bryan, your doorway appears perfect for Jordan Green's Risky Business, "Frisky Bidnezz," cat-themed parody routine.



    (Oh, it's funny to me.)

    great post Jeff

  3. good call on the doorway.

    and yeah, i might have punked out with letting the kids off easy, but even still my mom called to let me know that she did not approve of my kids being out in the snow in barefeet. she was worried that the authorities might see it and that i could get in trouble. not kidding.

    go donate!