Another One Bites the Dust

On October 1st, 2007, we published an article by Rachel Pater entitled The Evil Empire of Libby Lu. Due to the rash of hilarious comments from angry little girls (and, sometimes, their more reasonable parents), this article has been one of our most long-enduring and well-read pieces.

Well, I guess Rachel didn't know her own strength. Club Libby Lu is going out of business.

DaddyTypes.com's positively gleeful post struck me as the funniest reaction to the news:
So awesome. Club Libby Lu is closing all its stores. CLL's parent company, Saks Fifth Avenue, made the announcement yesterday, and expects to have all the skanky toddler-to-tween makeover boutiques removed from America's malls by May 2009.
Not surprising, since they've had their own unpleasant run-ins with the Dark Side.

Some might point to the Washington Post's Libby Lu takedown back in 2006...or the tanking economy and America's rebellion against excess...but I'd like to put CLL's downfall squarely on the slender shoulders of our own Rachel Pater. Take a bow, Rach.


  1. "Let justice roll down like waters And righteousness like a mighty stream." Amos 5:24

  2. I spent a good 3 hours of my work day reading articles, and angry comments about ole Libby Lu.

    3 hours well spent.

    ...I think.

  3. As a great lover of women, I say bravo Rachel.

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