Burnside Supports Independent Music (Graven)

Hey friends.

I don't have much to say, outside of 'feel free to go to 
the GravenRecords website and download the new Graven 
album for free!'

This was an acoustic EP done mostly on my wife's old G4 
iBook. The EP is all about a trip I took last spring (to Seattle, 
B.C., Vegas, Arizona and yes - Portland). The computer actually 
died while I was finishing up the tracks as a chip in the logic 
board came loose and I had to hold the laptop across my knee, 
while pushing down on both sides of the keypad (to keep 
pressure on the loose chip), in order to transfer the files on 
to a flash drive. Good times.

Thanks for listening (or for burning it on to CD and making 
it into a coaster for your Grandma. Either way - make use of it).

Matty (GravenRecords)


  1. Download it, its a great winter record!!!!!

  2. the back story behind the album makes it all the more intriguing. thanks for sharing, and congrats!!