Choose Your Own Destiny: The Ballplayer

As you walk into your high school's athletic department, everyone knows your name. You are Moe Thrash, the greatest athlete in a generation, with State Championships and MVPs to prove it.

"Great game last night, Moe," says some guy.

"We'll miss you next year," says another.

You make your way to the weight room for some lifting. Catching your reflection in the mirror you admire your physique. Six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and world class hand-eye coordination, although that isn't evidently displayed in the mirror. While changing into your work out clothes you are approached by a J.D. Wrongway, a sophomore, who up until last year was a 130 pound weakling.

“Hey Moe,” he begins. “Sure you can dominate at this level, but next year you’ll need all the advantages you can get.” J.D. hands you a syringe filled with anabolic steroids and begins to laugh.

To inject yourself with performance enhancing drugs, turn to page 86. To do things the right way, and tell J.D. no thanks, turn to page 191.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. I'm hooked.
    I loved these books as a kid.

    I try to have "Choose Your Own Destiny" in my English class... but I guess the Taiwanese grew up without these literary delights.

    PS I'm totally cheating and reading both adventures simultaneously... just like I did with the books.

  2. Well, chase, sorry I was behind today...the first chapter went up before I had the others finished...