The Michael Jordan of NBA Commercials

One of my favorite sayings of all-time is "The Michael Jordan of..." I'm not sure why. Maybe because it uses my name? One things's for sure, though...Michael Jordan was the Tiger Woods of basketball.

And, apparently, the Seattle Supersonics were the Babe Ruth of Michael Jordans when it came to team commercials. First, they had this classic, featuring "The Gary Payton of Poultry":

I'm loathe to admit this, since he was a Sonic AND an Oregon State Beaver, but Gary Payton might be my all-time favorite NBA player.

Later, the Sonics ran these commercials, featuring former Sonics center Predrag Drobnjak. (and his cat, Jinkies!)

Now, sadly, the Sonics are in Oklahoma City, where they can't even get graphic design right.

I miss them up there, in the Emerald City. Portlanders take every chance they can to rub success in the face of their privileged neighbor to the north...crowing about the success of our sports teams keeps us warm when the tax revenue from Bill Gates and Paul Allen comes rolling in. Please, David Stern, get this city a team while Portland is in the midst of its dynasty...

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