A Burnside Writer Scores a Starred Review in PW!

The stable of writers, journalists, published authors, and editors are all proud, and yes, more than a little jealous of our very own Susan Issacs for scoring a starred review in the upcoming February 9 edition of Publisher's Weekly.

Here's a link to the preview.

That's simply a big, hairy deal and we couldn't be more pleased. I've got this book pre-ordered at Amazon.com and I'm eager to get my paws on the book.

Congrats, Susan


  1. Was this one of the forthcoming books Burnside donors will get in their bundle of books? (Speaking of that bundle of books, what's the status of those books? When are they going out? When's Don's next book coming out?)

    Congratulations Susan, that's awesome!

  2. If I have to be in a stable, I feel better knowing that Susan is in one of the stalls. But what's that smell?