Great Christian Music: The Youtube Edition

With competitors like Hulu and MTVMusic.com stealing some of its thunder, it's a little difficult to find the time to really appreciate YouTube like we should. Sure, it's not like the golden days when copyright laws went out the window and anything you could possibly want to watch was on the site, but if you're looking to watch your spare time disappear into a black hole of nothingness, it's hard to beat YouTube. Where else can you see the 80's Christian video that sent thousands of toys to a senseless death in the garbage can, Turmoil in the Toybox, for instance?

While normally this blog feature takes a look at a great Christian artist, album or even song, this week we pay tribute to the Christian rock archival work being done on YouTube. Certainly, the music preserved for the ages (or until a copyright claim is sent in) isn't always good, as evidenced by the fact that no one really needed to have Carman's "Spirit Filled Pizza" at their disposal:

Still, when someone goes to the trouble of uploading 1500 Christian rock tracks on a video sharing site like user "christianoldies" has, you have to applaud their dedication while simulateously wondering what compels them in their task. From the Rez Band to wonderful music by Leslie Phillips and the 77's, if the album was available for purchase at a Christian bookstore in the 80's, odds are you can listen to on YouTube. Especially considering nearly all of that sort of music is hopelessly out of print, the nearly 300 uploads of a user like "Neamberthal" might be a liitle strange, but at least you have an opportunity to hear the music somehow, and truly a world where "Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here" by the Swirling Eddies is available at the end of a few keystrokes is a better one for humanity than the sad, sad alternative.

God bless you, Christian music uploaders, where ever you are. We salute you.


  1. Maybe our generation wouldn't have been so easily deceived if "Turmoil in the Toybox" had taken less than 2 minutes to get to any actual content.

  2. I suddenly feel that I was sheltered from even Christian Music in my sheltered, homeschooled, Conservative Christian Upbringing.

    How in the world have I not heard of The Swirling Eddies before? "Hide the Beer, the Pastor's Here" ..? Amazing.
    Guitar Solo? Epic.

    Conservative Upbringing? Now Corrupted.

    Thank you Uploaders.

  3. @Jordan: It's totally worth it when they start telling you what's wrong with Voltron.

    @Chase: The Swirling Eddies had their moments, although their main act Daniel Amos was better, for certain. Still, "Hide the Beer..." is spectacular.

  4. I wouldn't want to put Steve Taylor and Car Man in the same sentence. But Steve Taylor and Randy Stonehill were my faves, and still are. But my absolute favorite is the late, great Mark Heard, who gypped us all by dying of a heart attack at age forty, right after the Cornerstone Music festival. Dan if you haven't heard Mark yet, get "Second Hand." Brilliant and heartbreaking, like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

  5. I didn't catch the Voltron part, but I must say I'm concerned about this "projection of character and setting" around a toy. It's almost as if these children are learning how to tell stories...I mean, bring zombies back to life.

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