lol Pastors BLOG

Don’t act as if you weren’t warned. Not today. Not like this. Not after all we’ve been through.

Ha! You’ve known all along haven’t you? And yet here you are. Still.

So can you hear it? It. The gnashing. The weeping and gnashing of teeth. Molars, incisors, k-9’s. Oh… they gnash.

Like a demonic gnashing machine built to precise specifications working at optimum capacity… with the dial turned to ‘gnash.’

Like a giant super-robot created for only ONE purpose.

(The purpose of gnashing.)

Like a big… gnashing mouth… just really gnashing. Not messing around.

The Lol Pastors blog is here.

Updated daily by your Burnside Comedy Department.

Now accepting and posting yours and your best friend’s submissions on a regular basis.

Create your own lol Pastors and email to: lolpastors@live.com

Check it out daily and show us what you’ve got.

For purely comedic purposes, nothing too sacreligious or mean. Silly with a touch of the random is best.

Like some kind of automatic handheld gnasher installed in every American kitchen, all turned on at the same time...

Your lol’s,

Aaron Donley

Chad Gibbs

Nate Sadler

Susan Isaacs