Top 10 Albums of 2008 according to Jordan Green

In 2000, I began writing my end of the year top 10 albums lists, which I'd send out to my friends. Only three or four actually cared, but they asked every year. Since Burnside decided to go in a different direction this year, I figured I'd post my list here on the blog, minus all the wordy reviews. Then I'll tell you some songs from 2008 you have to listen to. How's that sound?

Best Albums of 2008

1. Blitzen Trapper, Furr.
2. TV On The Radio, Dear Science.
3. The Welcome Wagon, Welcome to the Welcome Wagon.
4. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes.
5. Blind Pilot, 3 Rounds and a Sound.
6. Lacktherof, Your Anchor.
7. Kathleen Edwards, Asking for Flowers.
8. Deerhunter, Microcastle.
9. The Dodos, Visiter.
10. Aimee Mann, @#%&*! Smilers.

Some Terrific Songs of 2008

"Halfway Home", TV On The Radio

"God & Suicide", Blitzen Trapper

"Nutmeg", John Legend and Stephen Colbert

"Sold! To the Nice Rich Man", The Welcome Wagon

Sold! To The Nice Rich Man - The Welcome Wagon

"That's Not My Name", The Ting Tings

"Freeway", Aimee Mann


  1. i can only vouch for #2 and #3, but halfway home is one of my favorite songs of the year. i was really impressed with welcome wagon too. i just heard the blitzen trapper song (again) on all songs considered and think i need to check that album out too... i've loved aimee mann since magnolia, but somehow haven't heard that album yet other than 31 today.

  2. yes. adoring the welcome wagon record--much love for telling me about it. i need to find the blitzentrapper one...a bit behind on that.

  3. Welcome Wagon is one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time.

    I've been trying really hard to like Blitzen Trapper. Can you please teach me how? (I think I'm kind of serious.)

  4. Kenneth,

    When you say "been trying really hard", do you mean with Furr or with one of their previous albums?

    If it's with one of their previous albums, try Furr. If it's with Furr, then maybe you just don't like them, which I completely understand. A lot of folks who's music tastes I respect immensely haven't been into it.

  5. @aaron:

    For an Aimee Mann record, Smilers isn't all that great. It's still decent.


  6. this is a heavy Northwest list. I have three of the albums on my list this year. probably a reason why a couple of Austin acts made it in my top 10.

  7. I listened to the Blitzen Trapper song you posted. The lead vocalist reminds me a lot of Terry Taylor.