According to Pepsi, will.i.am = Bob Dylan

When asked for their influences, most writers will point to great novelists like Updike or Vonnegut. Maybe they'll mention Norman Mailer and C.S. Lewis and Salman Rushdie. Maybe their tastes are more recent...Dave Eggers or Zadie Smith.

Me? I'd have to go with this guy.

Seth Stevenson's Ad Report Card column first hooked me to Slate.com about 5 years ago. I believe I've read every one. Advertising is fascinating enough, and Stevenson tackles his subjects with wit and straightforward language. He never dawdles or uses more words than necessary. His columns are easy to read and convey his point. Most of all, they are entertaining.

Stevenson was back this week for his annual rundown of Super Bowl ads, and it's an excellent read. The piece explains why I prefer Coke to Pepsi, and it's not because of taste.


  1. jordo, i love you, but why in the world would you chose one drink over another for any other reason than taste. this is fascinating to me, but because you do it but because we are all pawns to the association/disassociation phenomenon that advertisers play upon.

    i liked pepsi more than coke, until coke zero came out. it tastes better.

  2. Coca-Cola is about tradition, and legendary aesthetic, the color red. Pepsi is about the Spice Girls and Generation Next.

    That said, I also prefer the taste of Coke...it has a little more bite.

    But, if I'm breaking out my favorite cola, I have to go with Blue Sky Cola, made with real sugar.

    Unfortunately, I've been trying to drink diet lately, so it's all lost anyways.

  3. What ever happened to RC? Was it their taste or their marketing that pushed them out of the cola game?

  4. Not that anyone cares, but I will rep Coke Zero 'til the day that I die (or they take it off the market).

    Also, I'm not usually one to get worked up over endorsements or ad placement, but that Bob Dylan ad nearly sent me into a murderous rage.