Death and Taxes

Do any Democrats pay taxes anymore? Sweet Moses, what a joke.

I hate to mimic conservative talk radio here, but it doesn't seem like anyone is answering: why should we appoint a man who failed to pay his taxes to the head of the IRS?

I mean, I guess President Obama is standing by his guys, and maybe they'll do a great job. But for pete's sake.


  1. Timely post. Now they're withdrawing like flies...


  2. I don't see this as an issue with Democrats, but rather with people in power, the wealthy. People with money try to pay the least amount of taxes as possible (even though they pay outrageously low percentages overall compared to the rest of us), and I think some of them are better at it than others. And those appointed to public office are under more scrutiny than other people. As I recall, skeletons in the closet are not unique to nominees of Obama.

    Anyway, my point is: bring back Steve Forbes and the flat tax (or, just the flat tax). Brilliant idea, as long as you're not an H&R Block employee...