Everything is amazing right now and nobody's happy

This is Comedian Louis CK on Late Night with Conan O'Brienwith a hilarious, yet profound commentary on society. Are we (generally speaking) this spoiled?

Sorry, I was interrupted finishing this because my iPod Touch isn't connecting to wifi...


  1. This should come with a "You will laugh out loud" warning. I am at school (thankfully it's AFTER school) and I'm at my desk. "Hey," I think, "I wonder if BWC posted a new blog?"

    And here I am in my classroom laughing out loud like an idiot while my student teacher silently grades papers.

    This is HILARIOUS. So true on too many sad, sad levels. LOVE IT.

  2. This is so great, thanks for the posting.

    I remember when Mr. Schultz told me that the sun would explode. I was in 8th grade earth science, and I felt the walls closing in. That is always a hard one to take.

    Louis CK is great, so funny, but comedy comes from honesty, doesn't it?

  3. This was hilarious. I would add the random deep thought that it is this dissatisfaction coupled with imagination and innovation that fuels the amazing we have today and drives improvement. Can that turn into an endless loop where we are never satisfied and never recognize how amazing the world is? Absolutely. Did this hilarious clip remind me to be less annoyed when my fiber optic wireless connection is not literally working at the speed of light? Yes. :-)

  4. Sorry, Diane, for leaving off the warning... Good thing it was after school. :)

    This is a good reminder for me in lots of ways: to be calmer on my multiple business trips this month, to put my new iTouch toy down more, and to be careful not to freak out my 2 year old with all her questions that seem to come from nowhere...

    I'm glad people are enjoying this clip.