One Thing to Like

There are days when the morning news just brings you down: another bank is failing, more layoffs, or the fact that the economic crisis in Russia is spawning support for hardliners with anti-American rhetoric. Every report seems to come off like another trainwreck.

Which is why we cling to heroes like Chesley Sullenberger, a man who somehow prevented a massive disaster with a deft hand and steely nerves. At this point, we're looking for anything to cheer for.

And that's why this report on Eric Holder on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday got me excited. One of the reasons I liked Barack Obama's campaign was due to his call for a return to community. My primary suspicion with the Democratic Party lies in their philosophy of large, powerful government solving the nation's ills. Even if he's building government, Obama is at least sticking by his word of mobilizing individuals at the lowest level.

Which is why I was so ecstatic about Holder's prosecution philosophy, the idea that grassroots, human-to-human contact is the best way to get things done. After Alberto Gonzales, who felt almost like an unrealistic cartoon character at time, it's nice to have an Attorney General with beliefs I can believe in.

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