Angry Conversations with God

It's a big day, as Susan Isaacs' book, Angry Conversations with God, finally hits shelves. Click on that link and buy it! Or go to a local bookstore and demand it in your most powerful voice! You'll laugh. I promise.

Personally, I'd like to see Susan Isaacs overtake her evil writer nemesis, Susan Isaacs. Perhaps they could get into a war of words! Because they're both writers!


  1. Hey BWC,
    I am giving away 4 copies of the book on my blog. There is a contest. So far I have 2 winners and no other takers.

    If you REALLY want to win a book, click on my blog and enter the contest!

  2. Angry Conversations is one of my favorites books of the past several months.

    Good stuff.

  3. Yay for Susan! She gives all us Burnsiders hope that one day we too might be published (of course, it helps if we actually do the writing involved in getting published...).

    I spent 7 Minutes in Heaven with Susan here:::


  4. Dear Susan,

    I'm sure you've heard I have been promoting your book around town for literally months. Creating a buzz through having angry conversations with God in public. The buidling anticipation at this point is what I could only term as insane.

    So very, very proud of being your friend.

    See you soon,

  5. I really wish I hadn't given up book-buying for Lent!