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I figured this was along the lines of Social Justice, so it more than fits here.


Everyone needs a hero! I’m not talking about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or any of those marvelous characters that you wish you could be. I’m talking about a average joe who’s out to help the people.

You too can be a Hero; and one way to accomplish this is to go do something simply. Like! Fighting for the rights of the mentally challenged. You can tell there's no easier way to start than people who can’t help themselves. Here are some tips to help aid you on your new voyage of heroism.

First, lets define mentally challenged. According to the dictionary being mentally challenged is a euphemism for mentally retarded or disabled.

So let me break that down for you: basically anyone can be mentally challenged. For example, Mary Ann the housewife down the street who is suffering from depression, Little Timmy who loves to play kick ball but is secretly Bi-polar, and don't forget Ashley & Mary-Kate, the adorable twins who were born with down syndrome. All beautiful people, just misunderstood. So let’s start helping these people.

My favorite Tip: never force yourself upon the mentally challenged (Never try to help unless they ask for it). Tip number two: ask them how can you help and try your best to fulfill your duties. Tip number three: get others involved in your expedition. Yes, one person can help a lot, but if you build your army, you can absolutely win the war. Last but not least, enjoy yourself, because everyone needs a break.

Now, since these helpful tips are here to help aid you. Start your path and become that hero you always wanted to be.

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