Focus on the Family: Dr. D's (sort of) Goodbye

The word cloud above is a tribute to James Dobson, made from the text of one of his articles on homosexuality. Props to wordle.net, where you can paste in text from anywhere and it makes the words big or small depending on their frequency.

As you may know, Dr. Dobson has stepped down from his executive duties at Focus on the Family, but as many have pointed out, you can expect to still hear his voice and the controversy that erupts when he lays down the Dobson hammer on controversial issues like the one above.

I've tried to get an interview with the Doctor for many moons. For a little while, it looked as though my persistence (I averaged an email and a call per day) was going to pay off. One of his assistants told me she thought she could make it happen. Friends began to load me with important questions I could ask him like: "If you were one of the characters in the Chronicles of Narnia, who would you be and why?"

This assistant asked for some of my material, and I gave her some relatively tame articles. Even so, I think she could smell my liberal, snarky self, and she then said that Dr. Dobson's schedule was booked for a few months, and asked if I wanted a tour of the Focus on the Family compound. Foiled!

I wish him well, and echo Larry Schallenberger's more gracious words from a few weeks back: I appreciate his heart and some aspects of his ministry, and hope that he finds more openhanded ways to deal with those issues that tend to drive people away from the church.


  1. Yesterday Donald Miller tweeted that focus interviewed him. And that all the good hard questions were asked.

    That's encouraging to me.

    Also, when I was in Chicago, I heard whispers those more in the know that Focus was going to be returning to their roots. Expect less political activism and more resources for parents.

  2. Have you guys heard of "The Truth Project"? it's a series of DVDs which, from what I can tell, basically recap and explain the reasons Focus on the Family does what they do. I've only watched one of the videos.

  3. Can we all just state the obvious and comment on the lovely fact that, even though Focus is based in Colorado, "Southern" is the biggest word in the cloud.

    Oh, that, and the fact that "Homosexuality" and "Clinton" are relatively the same size. Was Dobson constantly using the two together?

  4. Oh, those homosexual Clintons...

    Chase, you're dead on about the use of Southern. What is that all about? I could understand if "Baptist" was the same size...