Messages from Aaron

Aaron Donley, the esteemed creator of these awesome things, and a contributor to this site, is also a good friend. One time, he came up and stayed with me in Portland. We talked about the Enneagram, and tried to write a book, only he's far funnier than me.

He also calls from time to time, and I ignore the calls sometimes just to hear the messages. He knows this is part of our relationship. I hope you'll enjoy.



  1. On the Rag- it just doesn't get any better than that.

  2. Oh my word. Aaron, may I please give you my cell #? And can you call when I'm at work so that I have something funny to listen to AFTER work? I would LOVE it.

    I just laughed for 9 full minutes. So good.

    "ah...Satan's anus is already taken. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams."

  3. those voicemails were like good wine.

    I wonder how many others made it through the full 9 minutes.
    Best spent 9 minutes today!

  4. Oh my gosh, we all need a friend like that... except when I change my four-month-old son's diaper tomorrow, I'm going to have some really strange thoughts.