My Personal Digital Conversion Begins Friday

"Never pay for TV." That's been my personal manifesto for the first forty-years of my life. My logic was air tight:

1) There major networks that still give away programming.
2) It would be cheaper for me to rent the one or two movies I watch a month than to purchase cable.
3) I don't watch much TV. There's Lost, 30 Rock, and the NFL.

This all comes to an end this Friday, thank you Al Gore. With the digital conversation looming, my faithful rabbit ears will become defunct. I tried the converter box and digital antenna with no success. Apparently, I'd need to purchase and install some roof-top mounted antenna. Amy and I gave in and ordered cable.

So, what I have I been missing all these years? I look forward to MNF. And when I travel, John Stewart and Colbert have entertained me in the hotel. Other than that, what's out there?


  1. I didn't realize the "start date" was different in other states. Interesting.

    We were supposed to convert Feb. 17 but it was pushed back to June 12.

    And I have to pay $14 a month to have Basic Cable which means I get Channels 3-13 which I THINK SHOULD BE FREE. Jerks.

  2. You're going to be like Dorothy in Oz, Larry.

  3. Larry:

    Sorry you had to do this. I bought the converter box and it works fine with rabbit ears on my old TV (my new TV is digital and doesn't have problems with rabbit ears, either).

    You may line in a low-lying area or something.

    Long live free TV!

  4. that's bizarre that your old rabbit ears worked, but don't work with the digital converter box. we get clearer signal and more channels with the box than we got without.
    i've had cable since i was a kid, and we just stopped subscribing when we moved in june. between hulu and other networks having their programming online, we barely missed it. and now that we get digital cable quality picture for free with the converter box, it's even better.

  5. Oh, Larry. Dirty Jobs. Ice Road Truckers. You'll be amazed at what you've been missing.

  6. Diane, some of our networks are converting early.

  7. one word: Mythbusters!

    discovery channel wednesdays 9PM

  8. What a waste of $.

    Two hundred channels of nothing...